The ROSE project will rely on research contributions, consultancy assistance, and assess to facilities offered by several partners in the project.

1427112188641The research activities will mainly take part at Roskilde University (RUC). In the period 2005-2015 the university hosted the Danish National Research Foundation center for viscous liquid dynamics Glass and Time. The center conducted research into the material science of highly viscous liquids like bitumen and due to the center’s activities at Roskilde University a lot of experimental and computer simulation expertise is available for the ROSE project.

dtulogo2_colourDTU Compute at Technical University of Denmark provides expertise to the modeling of the durability of the asphalt pavement. Due to previous collaborations with Greenwood Engineering on a experimental setup similar to the setup present in the ROSE project DTU Compute will provide expertise in the experimental setup as well.

VD_logo_blaa_engelsk-300x77The Danish Road Directorate (DRD) provides expertise on the bitumen-filler-polymer mixtures and is in charge of the measurements of rolling resistance and responsible of the tests on the durability of the asphalt pavement and the road aging.

Logo_IFSTTARThe French Institute of Science and technology of Transport, Development and Networks, IFSTTAR, provides a senior advisor to share the expertise in some of the positions of strength of the university: modeling of rolling resistance and skid resistance, validation of test tracks, investigations of the effect of road design on vehicle consumption, and definitions of rolling resistance indicators for the asset-management system.

AfterMath is a specialized consultancy company providing consultancy in management of research and development projects within mathematical modeling and educational aspects of mathematical modeling. In the ROSE project AfterMath provides modeling expertise and will take the role as the Project Coordinator.

800px-Continental-LogoAs Europe’s second largest tire manufacturer Continental AG contributes to modeling and testing, provides consultancy on viscoelastic material models and for the implementation of the laboratory of WP1, and contributes with expertise within passenger-car tires and on fundamental research on tire material.

greenwood_logoFor the ROSE project Greenwood Engineering brings the opportunity to use its Traffic Speed Deflectometer which provides longitudinal profile, deflection velocities at interesting positions in the deflection basin under the loaded axle, and the dynamic vertical and horizontal forces on the loaded axle.

NCC_logoWith their specialization in asphalt pavements and commitment to he development of green roads NCC Roads A/S will take part in the ROSE project with commercialization of the results of ROSE if these are successful.